Sunday, February 20, 2011

So close!

I am so close to being done with school. I just finished my very last (of too many) edits on my case study. I also wrote my letter of transmittal and found my transcripts. Now all I have to do is get this thing printed and bound, delivered or mailed to my professor, prepare to defend it, and of course defend it. By defend it, I mean that I have to present it to a panel of professors on March 9th and defend it from any questions that they throw at me. Assuming that I am given a passing grade, I will be done for ever! Oh I hope I never go crazy enough to go back to school again! I've had enough!

No news on the adoption front. We still wait on the i-600 (immigration form). And no group of 4 little faces have shown up. So we wait. I find myself envious of other families how have a timeline in place, who are moving forward. But I am completely obsessed by wishing for this as I have been in the past. Who knows, by the time this is all over maybe I will have learned some patience.