Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shots and Malaria

Today we got our shots for traveling to Uganda. I had to get 4 and Josh had to get 5. And man did they hurt! No, this does not mean that we have a travel date yet. It is just something that we have to do now in order to be ready when the time comes.

I'll be honest, the diseases that these vaccinations are meant to protect us from flat out terrify me. I can't seem to get my mind off of the fact that we are the lucky ones. We are able to get these shots. Yes they hurt like crazy, but they protect us. Can you imagine living in a country where things like Polio and Typhoid are a very real threat and having no protection at all?!? No shots. No money for a doctor if you do get sick. No protection. Can you imagine getting sick and being too poor to just go to a doctor for help? Can you imagine your spouse or your child getting sick and watching them die? This is real life for so many people in this world.

When we go to Uganda we will get a prescription for anti-Malaria medication. Just about every American traveling to Uganda does this. We are also instructed to buy the strongest possible mosquito repellent and bring plenty of it. But what if Uganda was your home? What if every mosquito that buzzed by was a danger to your life? What if you had no anti-Malaria medication and no mosquito spray and no bed nets to keep you safe while you sleep?

2,000 Children die from Malaria every day! That is one every 40 seconds. How many have died since you started reading this? How many since you got on your computer? Does this sadden you? Do you want to close out this screen so that you can stop thinking about it? Don't! Don't you dare brush away the death of God's beloved children.

I know that it is still August and Christmas is months away but it will be here in no time. Do you have someone on your shopping list that already has everything? I want to suggest a gift idea. What if you give a loved one a bed net? Why would they need a bed net? They don't. But someone does. Your gift to them could also be a gift to someone else. Just $6 is enough to buy a bed net which will protect 2 or more children for approximately 4 years. Will you think about it?

World Vision End Malaria Link


  1. Hey, I hope you don't mind, I'm adding you to our Uganda Adoption Blog list! So glad you found us:)

  2. Love this post. Love your passion. And by the way- thanks for the book. (The Hole in Our Gospel) My sister is reading it now too. So glad you found your children. I was totally going to search for them in every orphanage I know in Ghana! Hope you get to travel to meet them soon!


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