Friday, December 2, 2011

On the Ground

When we first landed in Entebbe, Uganda, the first thing I could think was "I would believe it if this were the location of the Garden of Eden." The landscape is so very green. I can't even explain how lush it is.

We stopped off to exchange dollars for shillings, buy an orange stick (aka air card for internet access), and buy a cell phone.

Traffic in Uganda is crazy! It make Los Angeles look like a picnic. There are no photos that could properly capture this. 

Motorcycles weave through traffic carrying enormous loads. (There is a motorcycle under that giant blue box). It is common to see small children being transported on these little death traps that dart to and fro.

Women can be seen everywhere with a baby on their back and up to 50 lbs of bananas on their heads.

All along the roads are tiny little shops (1/2 the size of my cubicle). People are hustling and bustling. All you can see is hundreds of people working their butts off to make a living.

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