Sunday, December 19, 2010

11 Days in Paradise

I am currently sitting in the lobby of the Riu Pacifico Palace in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. We have checked out of our room and leave for the airport in about an hour. We have spent the past 11 days and 10 nights relaxing in paradise. We arrived on Thursday and had a couple of days by ourselves before my parents showed up on Saturday. Then my aunt and uncle showed up on Sunday.

Unfortunately, late Saturday night is when I got hit with the flu. I got so sick that I drug my pillows into the bathroom and just slept on the floor. I bounced back pretty quickly for the most part but then Josh got hit with it 2 days later. He was a little slower to recover. But I have never been sick in such a nice place. At least I didn't have to do any cooking or cleaning while feeling so awful.

In spite of getting so sick, we still had a great time. We sat on the pool deck looking out towards the ocean everyday. I spent my time sleeping late (very late), chatting, eating, relaxing, thinking, and praying. It was a great trip but I am also looking forward to getting home. Back to the real world.

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  1. Oh, sounds wonderful... well minus the flu part. I hope you had a very relaxing vacation and that both of you are feeling much better! :)


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