Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Change of Plans

We had been waiting to find our kids in Ghana for a little over 6 months now. And then suddenly a change of plans. Was something wrong with Ghana? No. Was something wrong with Hopscotch Adoptions? No. So why the change of plans? It's very simple, we found our kids! But they were not in Ghana after all. They are in Ug@nda. It is fair to say that we have searched the world over for these precious children. I would love to share every detail that we have with you, but it is not appropriate to do so at this point. I will however answer the top 3 questions that we have been getting so far:
  1. Are they siblings? Yes
  2. How long have they been orphans? Are they orphans? This is information that we are going to save just for them. It is their story. Many parents choose to share this information. And we might someday. But our thinking is that we can always share this later, but once you share it there is no un-sharing that can be done. So if you have asked this, know that it is a common question but don't be offended by our choice to not answer.
  3. Do they speak English? We have no idea. Probably not but this is so low on the priority list in my mind. It's so low on my priority list that it kind of makes me chuckle. I have a B.A. in Linguistics so the process of language acquisition is not intimidating to me.
So we are starting to kick into preparation mode. We are planning to meet with someone this weekend to hopefully buy a used 7 passenger SUV. We are going to need 1 car seat and 3 booster seats! I will need to practice my braiding skills even more as I will need to get very, very, very good at it. The closets need extra shelves to maximize the space. We will need a bunk bed. I want to move the 2 twin beds that we currently have into the other room because the bunk bed will fit better in that room. Thankfully I don't know the kids' sizes yet so I can't do any clothes shopping just yet. :)

We expect that we might bring our kids home in fall or winter. The timeline varies a lot so it is difficult to say. When the time comes, we will need to make 2 trips (the first one for 3 weeks and the second one for 1 week) or 1 longer trip of about 6 weeks. At this point we don't know which option we will choose.

I will tell you soon the story of how we found our kids!


  1. So excited for u! Tears of joy, sweet friend!!!!

  2. Uganda is where my friend (missionary to Africa for 10 years) was. I'm so happy for you. Just caught up reading your blog the other day. Great news.

  3. When I was 21 I spent a good portion of a summer in Uganda, and I'll tell you, I left a piece of my heart there. Such incredible people so devastated by a horrid government. I learned a tiny bit of the language - still remember too. I'm so excited for you guys !


  4. Finally! SO happy for you! And for your future children!


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