Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby Envy

I have made so many friends, many whom I have never met in person, who have gone through or are going through the adoption process. A few months ago, one such person got the word to head to Ghana and pick up her girls. I was so envious. I watched her blog and facebook, drooling over the details and wishing for that day that it would be me. Just a couple of days ago I learned that a dear friend was selected by a birth mother to be a mommy to her baby. I was thrilled for her but again I was envious too. I hesitate to admit this because the last thing I ever want is for a friend to hold back in sharing their joy for fear of hurting my feelings. I'm not really sure why I am admitting this, except to be honest and to tell my story as it plays out.

It is a little difficult for me to think that we have been at this for over a year now. It was Mother's Day 2010 when we first sent in our application. Our big day could be right around the corner or much longer. We don't have any news except to say that we continue to wait. But life is good and it is busy. And I enjoy making these many new friends and watching their adoption journeys play out.

If you are praying for us, as I know many of you are, please pray that we might listen carefully for God's plan. We think His plan is to find 4 siblings, but it is so important that we be able to hear His voice in order to know His plan, whatever it might be.


  1. I have not commented on your blog before, but I wanted to send you a word of encouragement, our family went through a time of waiting, because we knew God had siblings for us. We thought they might be in Ethiopia or Taiwan and we never even thought Ghana. But then through many twists and turns, we found our little ones and later this month we get to go see them and love on them for the first time. I am glad we didn't jump on the first thing that we researched because we would not be where we are today. God has put the desire for siblings for a reason and while it may turn out to be something a bit different in the end, this is the journey He wants you on. You can't go wrong being in His will.

  2. Thank you Jenni. That is encouraging. It is so hard to not as you said "jump on the first thing" and continue to ride out the "twists and turns" because we could have kids in route by now if we didn't. Waiting because you have to is difficult enough. But waiting becuase you choose to and battling your own will the whole time is SO difficult.


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