Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Hole in our Gospel

After 4 years of textbooks, I have finished my first for-pleasure-reading that I can remember in what seems like forever. The book? The Hole in our Gospel.

The Hole in our Gospel is written by Richard Stearns, the President of World Vision. He sets out to try to answer the question "what does God expect of us?" God has blessed most Americans with so much. And the world is full of poverty. So what does God expect of us? We can't do everything. And yet we can't do nothing. So what does God expect of us?

I strongly recommend this book. I believe that this book will change the way that I view my life and hopefully will change the way I choose to live it. I believe in the value of this book so much that I am going to offer to give away 10 copies. 10 free books!

If you would like a free copy, please comment twice on this post. The first comment saying that you are interested, which I will publish. The second comment with your mailing address and email address. I promise not to publish this second comment and only use it for shipping. I will purchase the books (used) on half.com and have yours shipped directly to you.

There are 2 conditions to my offer:
1. That you actually read the book, not just let it gather dust. I hope to hear from you within 3 months as to what you thought of the book.
2. If you like the book half as much as I did, I ask that you find someone else willing to read it and pass it on to them.


  1. Alyssa, this is an interesting offer! I will certainly get this book....although I am a little frightened to read it. After all, I do have a comfortable life...I serve the Lord as a missionary....would I be willing to be convicted and change my life more? I don't know...but I may find out! No need to send me a copy, I can get one...save it for someone else. Thanks for the challenge!

  2. Those are some very honest questions Deborah. But I think this book helps a person think through those questions. I hope you will read it! :)

  3. Hi! I am very interested in the book! I keep feeling like I should be doing SOMETHING different. But what? I keep looking for this book in the library, but never can find it!

  4. Carri - Your book is on its way! I hope you enjoy it.

    That's 1 down. Which other 9 people would like a copy?


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