Friday, May 13, 2011

So your paperwork is done, right?

So your paperwork is done, right? Ummmmm... nope...

I have gotten this question a few times in just the past few days. You would think that after this much time that we would have all of our paperwork done. So what do we have left? The dossier. We were 99% done with our dossier for Ethiopia when we switch over to Ghana. Dossiers are country specific but most of the documents are the same. So it shouldn't be too much work. I just need to sit down and figure out what I don't have. Without a referral yet I haven't felt much hurry to do this, but I really need to just get this taken care of and out of the way.

So you might wonder what all this paperwork looks like. Well here is a look. Now keep in mind, I am kind of a nut and so I have everything in sheet protectors. But to my defense, there is not a sheet protector for every page, just for each group of related papers or duplicates. (We have 4 notarized copies of our homestudy.)

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  1. That sheet protector thing is a carry over from Russia. So it comes naturally. Mom


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