Friday, January 6, 2012

A Day Together

Written in my journal on Tuesday October 18, 2011

Yesterday was our first actual good day. The kids listened better. The routine of the day went better. We have learned that they do not like milk in their cereal, and that Sylvia does not like cheese. 

I did individual bath time again. Ryan was last today. With each bath he would strip down and want to get in. I would have to tell him to get dressed and send him back to Josh each time. When his turn finally came, he just sat in the tub and didn't move at all. I couldn't get him to crack a smile (I would learn later that he simply didn't know how to play in the bathtub; I had to literally show him how to splash around; the key to unlocking his fun was the cap to a shaving cream container which he used to pour water over himself and the walls of the tub). Sarah was a ball of energy as always. She just loves when I spray her with the shower head. She washed herself, the tub, and the shower wall. She splashed and squealed. The only time she was not happy was when I told her that bath time was over. 

There was about a 30-40 minute period in which they all played in the living room while we read in the bedroom with the door open so that we could see them. In the evening we showed them Finding Nemo which they loved. I can't wait for Ryan to see Cars 2 on the plane. He is going to love it. He is so enamored with "motor cars." It was the first day since we have been here that we were not completely and utterly exhausted. 

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