Sunday, January 8, 2012

20 Questions

Written in my journal on Sunday, October 22, 2011.

The kids ask about America a lot, particularly JoAnita.
    Is there fruit in America?
    Do you have rice & beans in America?
    Will you give us lotion to make us white?
    Do you have banana leaves in America?
    Are there children in America?
    Are there beds on the plane?
    Are there blankets on the plane?
    Will we cook on the plane?
    Is there a bathroom on the plane?
    Will we bathe on the plane?
    When will we go to America?

And on and on and on....

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  1. Hi! I hopped over to your blog from happy girl hair. After reading a few of the most recent entries, I knew I had to comment. My husband and I have two bio daughters, and then we adopted our third daughter from Kenya two years ago. We had to live in Kenya for a year as part of the adoption requirements. It was hard, and it was amazing. So thankful for that experience. Congratulations on your beautiful family! Come by and say hi sometime at


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