Thursday, January 5, 2012

Eating Out

Written in my journal on Wednesday October 16, 2011

We finally left a 2 hour meeting with our attorney in a hot and stuffy room. We headed for the Oasis Mall for something to eat. We did not consider that this was likely the kids' first real restaurant experience (at the hotel it is really not the same). It was just a cafe but definitely a high end cafe. Meals were about $8/each. The best part was JoAnita holding the salt shaker up to Josh upside down with salt pouring out, saying "wat tiz dis." She wasn't understanding Josh's explanation so I told him to pour some in her hand thinking that she would then recognize it. He poured, then instantly all the other little hands went out. They smelled, looked, then tasted, and then stuck their hands out asking for more (at the time we thought this was because they had never seen salt before; later we would learn that it was because they love salt). Then it was off to the bathroom. I took all the kids while Josh paid the bill. There was only one toilet so naturally it was a race to see who could claim it first. Ryan tried to pee with one of the girls still sitting and with another girl trying to compete for the first girl's spot. I was standing there scolding "only one, only one!" JoAnita was first to wash her hands. She did not recognize the foaming liquid as being soap. Once the air hand dryer went on, all hand washing was over, and in 3 seconds flat all 8 little hands were under the dryer. A black woman with a British or Aussie accent just looked at me and said "well done" with a tone of confusion, admiration, and amusement all blended together.

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