Saturday, August 14, 2010

Becoming one of them

For years I have listened to women who would talk endlessly about their kids. I would think to myself "you do know that there is an entire world out there that has nothing to do with your kids". And now... I have become one of them! Here I am going on and on about kids we don't even have yet as if there was nothing else at all going on around me.

So I apologize. Adoption has long been a passion of mine. And now, as we move forward towards that day, I fear that I will get more and more obnoxious with every day. I already think about it constantly. With everything we do, I think "what will it be like the first time we do this with our kids". With every kid I see, I think "soon my kids will be home". As I look around my house, I think "that will be a good place for our first family photo and we will need to add shelves to this closet to fit more kiddy clothes and this glass coffee table probably won't be a good idea anymore if we have a toddler".

The otherday I was at Costco and saw the cutest snuggly kids' pjs for winter time. Oh how I wished that I knew who are kids are so that I could pick out their pjs. As a very poor substitute I resigned myself to slowly touching every stack of them as I passed by. I think I've lost my mind... but then again maybe its always been gone...

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