Sunday, August 8, 2010

Home sweet home

Home sweet home. We are home after a whirlwind weekend of adoption classes, baseball games, and my grandma's 90th birthday party. We drive 5 hours to get home and what is the first thing we do? Drop our stuff as we walk in the door and turn on our computers!

Our adoption classes were good but for every question they answered I thought of 3 more. It was a little overwhelming. I think if any parent was forced to think about all of parenting prior to conception they would be overwhelmed too. And here we are, planning to go from just the two of us to four of us and the little ones will be walking and talking already expecting us to know what we are doing. It is the 'expecting us to know what we are doing' part that makes me nervous. Thankfully we have some time between now and then as we have alot more research and planning to do.

How did the naming thing go? Not so great. It turns out that 25,000 names means AT LEAST 20,000 ridiculous names. We'll keep working on that.

Well this is finals week for me so I probably won't be writting much between now and Thursday night as I really have no time left for procrastination. Well, except for tonight that is.

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