Saturday, August 21, 2010

Books and Backpacks

As I shared before, we now own 8 backpacks... 5 for our kids-to-be. Everywhere I go I see stuff for our kids. I am resisting buying because it is so hard when you don't know their ages, boy/girl, or even how many kids. (We are planning for 2 siblings but are willing to consider a sibling group up to 4.) From the time that we know who are kids are we will have about 2 weeks before going to Ethiopia for court and then another 2-6 weeks before the final trip to go pick them up. So this will leave plenty of time for me to go into planning over drive. Oh Josh hasn't seen nothing yet! Look out!

One thing I had been hoping to acquire at some point was children's books. I look forward to us reading with them all the time. A few months ago we fell into learning that our nieces and nephew love story time before bed. I'm not sure what prompted us but one night of babysitting, we offered them that if they wanted to get ready for bed early we would do an extra long story time with them. We gave them the choice and they jumped at it. So I am looking forward to the same special time with our kids.

Yesterday Josh's parents gave us a gift. I pealed off the wrapping paper and right away I saw that it was the back of a book where they list all the other books in the series. I could see that it was the Berenstain Bears. I love those books and I just know that our kids will love them too. I was telling a friend at work about this and she so generously offered me some books that her daughter has out grown.

We have enjoyed so much support. The books are great but the love that comes with them is even better.

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