Saturday, August 14, 2010

Time to clean!

We have finished the majority of our paperwork. (I showed you the list of questions in that prior post). This Tuesday the social worker is coming for her visit. It is common that people think the social worker visit is just about making sure our house is good enough. That is actually just a tiny part of it. Sure, she will take a quick look around to make sure that our home is adequate but not much more than that. The primary reason for her visit is to talk with us and make sure we are prepared and really know what we are getting into. Naturally they don't want us freaking out first thing when we get our kids home.

After the home study visit we need to complete our dossier. This is all the legal paperwork that goes to the Ethiopian government. They will review our dossier and decide if they are willing to let us adopt from their country. Once this is complete we then go on the waiting list. This is the scary part for me because I don't wait well.

So while the social worker visit on Tuesday is not about how clean our house is, we have some MAJOR cleaning to do! For the past 8 weeks I have been at school 2 nights a week and doing homework the rest of the week. That in addition to summer fun has not left much time for cleaning and our house is a pit! Besides, I have to take advantage of the excuse to give Josh extra chores to do. :) He has already swept the garage, did a little weeding, emptied the vacuum cleaner, and done tons of laundry. And its just after noon! Maybe I should arrange for the social worker to come every week...

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