Saturday, March 12, 2011

Is that you God?

We think we should adopt. Is that you God? Pregnancy sure would be cheaper and I'm starting to think easier...

We think we should adopt a pair of siblings. Is that you God?

We think we should adopt from Russia. Is that you God? Russia has become really difficult.

We think we should adopt from Ethiopia. Is that you God? We don't know anything about Ethiopia.

I think maybe I would like 4 kids someday. If we are going to adopt 4 kids, maybe we should do it all at one time in order to keep a sibling group together. Is that you God? It certainly isn't logical. Who in their right minds would go from 0 to 4 children on purpose?

The agency we chose to help us adopt from Ethiopia doesn't really support our desire to adopt 4 at once. We think we should change agencies. Is that you God? This is going to delay the process....

We think we should adopt from Ghana. Is that you God? Let me find a map and look up where Ghana is.

There aren't any groups of 4 available in Ghana. We think the will show up. Is that you God? Seriously, is that you? Is this your plan? Will you bring them to us? Did we miss understand? Is this our will and not yours? Could you send us a sign? A lightening bolt would do nicely...

This sure isn't easy...


  1. Alysa, you and your dreamed of sib group of 4 is always in the back of my mind. =-) The other day I was looking at the children for sponsorship on the Feeding the Orphans site and noticed that there was a sibling group of four, ages 2, 4, 6, and 8. I thought of you. I have NO idea if these children are adoptable or not. Feeding the Orphans may be able to direct you to them if they are waiting. Praying that your future children find you soon!

  2. Anita - Kristie & Sydney recently posted that they got a sponsor and so they get to stay with their mom. I certainly am happy for them.


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