Monday, March 7, 2011

USCIS Appt Scheduled

We got the letters in the mail today saying that our USCIS fingerprinting appointments are scheduled for April 1st at 8am. Yes, April Fools Day. :) You don't get to pick or request your appointment time. The tell you when and you show up. Just that simple. 

If you are trying to figure out what on earth USCIS fingerprints are, let me explain. This is the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. We mailed in our i-600a Application for Advance Processing or Orphan Petition a couple weeks ago. If you are doing the math, yes we delayed a little bit from when we got our homestudy to when we stuck our application in the mail. Gasp. I know, everyone thinks you should be in a huge rush to process an adoption as soon as humanly possible. Well our 4 haven't showed themselves yet so it doesn't really matter at this point. The i-600a is a request for pre-permission for our kids to immigrate to the U.S. The fingerprinting in the next step in getting our i-171h (the form you get when your i-600a gets approved).

So we will wait to get fingerprinted and then once we get fingerprinted we will wait to get our i-171h and then we will submit our dossier (documents to the Ghanaian government saying why we think they should let us adopt). But it all hinges on our 4 showing themselves, that is when the real timeline begins. Come out, come out, wherever you are! :)


  1. So can they match you with a sibling group before you send in your dossier and before all of your fingerprints/documents are finished? This is all very confusing:)

  2. Yes, Erin, we could get matched at any time. It is confusing because there are some things that are sequential and others that can be done simultaniously. It seems like there should be a flow chart for all of this, eh?


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