Sunday, April 3, 2011

No News Is Good News... Or So They Say

I often get asked for an update on our adoption. First let me tell you that you need never worry about asking this question. Telling you that I have no news is a little dull but I can assure you that it does not upset me to give this answer. That is not to say that I am without anxiety, but I know that they question is asked out of interest and caring.

Currently we have no news. It could come tomorrow or it could come a year from now. This last Christmas we felt certain that we would have kids home by that time next year. But now I question that.

Yes, we still think that God has 4 siblings planned for us. But keep in mind that we are not looking to take anyone's child from them. An ethical adoption only involves adopting children who need adoption. So it is hard to say why we have not found our children yet. Perhaps their story has not played out to the point of needing adoption yet. Or perhaps God has something totally different in store for us. It seems that God's path is a winding one that leads us to His plan. So while it appears to us that His plan is for Him to bring us 4 siblings, perhaps this is just the direction we need to go to find His true plan.

We did however get fingerprinted by homeland security this past Friday. It is part of the process for getting our i-600. (Remember that the i-600 is pre-permission for our children to immigrate.) This isn't much news in that it doesn't change the timeline for bringing our kids home since the timeline at this point is completely determined by when we get a referral. (Remember that a referral is names and faces that are ready for adoption.) If you are someone considering adoption, please don't let our timeline concern you. If we were looking for one or two children, we would very likely have a referral already. Instead we are being difficult in looking for the most unlikely.

So I am sorry to say that my update is not much of an update, just more of the same.

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  1. : ). I look forward to seeing what your future holds! : )


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