Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby Dedication

For about 2 years now, every time there is a baby dedication at church I feel overwhelmed with emotions. During the entire dedication I daydream about when it will be our turn. I was raised in a church that took the view that a baby dedication is more about dedicating the parents than it is about the baby. The idea is that the parents commit to raising their child to know about the love of God and the salvation available from Jesus. At the same time the church family commits to helping the parents in all of this. In other churches the view is that the child is being given back to God and a blessing is prayed over the baby. I really like both.

This weekend I went to the local fabric sale as they had a 99 cent sale on patterns. I haven't sewn since high school... or maybe it was middle school. So of course I made up my mind to make my girls their dresses for our dedication day. Because 3 girls' dresses and a matching skirt or dress for me all in the same fabric should be pretty easy, right? Yes, I have officially lost my mind!

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