Friday, July 15, 2011


Yesterday we received more photos of our kids. I can't share them with you. But I have cut out a little piece for you. I hope that somehow seeing their hands will help you as you pray for them. I can't tell you their names or ages either. But I will tell you what I can.

On the left is Little Sweetie. I have concluded that she is full of spirit and a curious one. In the very first photo we ever saw of them, she was staring straight into the camera so intensly as if to say "you better come and get me". In the individual photos of Little Guy and Little Darling, Little Sweetie has managed to work her way into the background of the photos, looking curious and energetic.

Next to Little Sweetie is Little Guy. He has a soft gentle expression in every photo. In one photo he is leaning back a little with his elbow on a step and a smile on his face like he knows you can't resist his charm. I can just imagine him following Josh around everywhere he goes while the girls are off at school. I think the two will be quite the pair.
Next to Little Guy is Little Darling. I am having a hard time figuring out her personality from the photos. In some of the photos I think I see a hint of sadness which makes me want to scoop her up and hold her until a smile appears. I'm probably reading too much into all of these photos, but I can't help it. Little Darling and her older sister, Little Lady, have the same noses and the exact same jaw bones. They are playing together in one photo and I have no doubt how much these sisters love each other.

Next to Little Darling, on the right, is Little Lady. Little Lady appears to be wise beyond her years. Being the oldest, I can only assume that she is the caretaker of the group. In some photos she appears to be looking out for the little ones. She appears to have a gentle but serious personality.

Please pray for their health and safety. Please pray that we would be patient as this process can't be rushed, it just has to play out. I so look forward to getting to know each of our children!

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  1. The "names" you have given the kids are very insightful. Hope things go well for you as the process continues.


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