Thursday, July 21, 2011


I was hoping to put together a group of people who would be willing to daily and consistently pray for our children. I know that many of you are already. I was hoping to arrange some kind of schedule which would result in our children being covered in prayer all day every day. I can't tell you how much I value all of your prayers. There are 2 main parts to this:

1. Unlike a pregnant woman, I have no ability to protect my children-to-be. I can't take vitamins to keep them healthy. I can't go to the doctor to see their heartbeats on an ultrasound. So I have to look to God to protect them and to deliver them to our arms. 

2. Every day I dream of meeting our children, hugging them for the first time, and bringing them home. But I also know that what I long for will also be some of the most overwhelming and scary times for our children. Can you imagine strangers coming and telling you that  you will move to a strange land, to eat strange food, to speak a strange language, that they are now "mommy" and "daddy", and that this will all be wonderful? Our first year together will be full of wonderful times, full of firsts, and full of emotions both good and bad.

I read an amazing blog post about a woman who adopted 4 siblings. (She is the one that I turned to for advice when our first agency was pushing us towards a pair and to ignore the call that we were hearing to find our 4, as a group of 4 is almost unheard of and not practical.) If you have ever doubted the power of prayer, you must read this. Here is the majority of that post:

Never ever doubt the power of prayer--- even when you are not sure exactly what you are praying for. God knows and HE WILL USE IT!

as darkness fell across the world in Ethiopia, for the release and protection of our children? 
God led us to pray at that time because He knew that was the time when they were in the greatest danger.

I had no idea what specifically that they would be in danger of, but it was at that time that 2 of my children were forced to sleep outside with no shelter.  
Hyenas are everywhere in the countryside.  
If you value your livestock, then it stays in the house with you.  However, some orphans are forced outside.  Those with no one to speak up for them--- no defender-- no helper-- have no other option.

Our kids still become uneasy at dusk, wanting to be inside, safe from the ferocious hyenas.  Last night sweet Isaiah began telling about how he was so terrified of the hyenas when they spent nights outside.  Because hyenas can "smell everything--- and they know everything-- and they can see everything!"
"But, they could not see us!  They would be right in front of us, but Mom, I believe something was holding them back!"

Yes, baby, SOMEONE was holding them back.

Our children are in an orphanage where they are not in danger of hyenas like these children were. But I still covet your prayers all the same. Would you commit to praying for our children at a specific time? Maybe when you are getting ready in the morning or when you are eating your lunch or sitting in traffic? If you are in a time zone other than Pacific Daylight Time, I would love it if you chose a time that is early or late in your day. I would be thrilled if we had people praying at every hour of the day. Please message or email ( or comment when you would be willing to pray. If you could also let me know how I can identify you (first name, initials, or something) so that I could post the schedule, I would really appreciate that. 

Prayer requests:
1. Protection for our children
2. Love and attention for our children
3. Learning in school for the girls
4. Preparation for Josh and me to become parents
5. Preparation for the kids for such very big changes in their lives that are ahead

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