Thursday, July 7, 2011

Will Year 13 Be The Year That We Become Parents?

This Monday June 27th was our 12 year wedding anniversary. It would have been nice if I had written this in advance so that I could have posted it on the actual day. But it's better late than never, right?

I am so thankful that Josh has had 12 years of patience for me. I was first attracted to his gentle spirit. He is the opposite of me in so many ways but that is what allows us to balance each other out. After 12 years, I would marry him again tomorrow.

Year 12 was full of ups and downs. And year 13 appears to be a very interesting year too. The idea of bringing our kids home is so very exciting. But we are realistic; we know that this will be a difficult year. Every couple goes through a difficult transition period when they have their first baby and life changes from just the two of you to everything being focused on that little infant. Having twins is an even bigger transition. Now imagine going from no kids to having quadruplets. I imagine that bringing our 4 kids home will be similarly challenging. Our kids will require tons of attention, care, and love. We know this and we want to do this. I think we have a healthy understanding of what is ahead of us, as much as is possible that is.

Many of you are praying for us. Please pray that with every step of this process that we would draw closer together and closer to God. Please pray that as our kids come home that we would learn and grow into great parents together.

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