Friday, July 16, 2010

Adoption Terms vs Bio-Baby Terms

Adoption Terms vs Bio-Baby Terms

"We are doing paperwork" vs "We are trying to get pregnant"
The adoption term sounds much less personal.

"We are still waiting for a referral" vs "Not pregnant yet"
I imagine this part is hard either way.

"We have a name and picture (We got a referral)" vs "We are pregnant"
I can't decide which one is more exciting, more emotional. Both are great.

"We have a name and picture" vs "We had an ultrasound"
If you are adopting you kind of get a two for one on the "we have a name and picture". You get to find out your baby is coming and see your baby all at one time. I think adopting has the extra points on this one.

"We're waiting" vs "I'm due in 3 months"
I think adoption is more difficult on this one because you don't have an exact date and because when you are pregnant you get to have your baby their near by. When you are adopting you can't eat right, exercises, take vitamins, and do all the other things that you do to keep your baby safe. All you can do is pray with all your might. I can't say that I am the best prayer. I have a feeling that our waiting time will be a good learning time for me.

"We painted his room" vs "We painted his room"
I imagine that the preparation part will be so much fun!

"I bought her the cutest outfit" vs "I bought her the cutest outfit"
It's probably a good thing that I can't start in on these things just yet. Oh how I look forward to these things!

"Our flight is tomorrow" vs "I think my water just broke"
Ok, our approach is going to be much less painful!

"We are home" vs "We are home"

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