Thursday, July 8, 2010


They say that women "nest" whether pregnant or adopting. Its the process of preparing. When you are pregnant you have a fairly good idea of what size your baby will be, 8lbs give or take a little. But given that we are not planning for infants I have no idea what size our kids will be... so that rules our the buying cute clothes. I can't get an ultrasound... so I don't know if pink or blue is in order. Do we need a changing table? A toddler bed? A regular bed? It makes decorating pretty difficult...

But I still want to be ready, to do what I can to be ready. I am a planner. I normally have a plan for when to make a plan, the plan itself, a plan for when to reassess the plan, and a back up plan... or 2. But like I said, there is not much planning I can do at this point.

So we finally got AC units installed in our 2 extra bedrooms. (We don't have forced air so I had to opt for installing the units in the wall as an alternative to the only other 2 options which were a $5k heat pump or the window thingy.) I'm not entirely happy about the process or the final look but I am so happy to have it done. Now our kids rooms will not roast in the summer time. This project felt like a nagging weight on me before. I really did not feel prepared without it. How could we be ready if we didn't even have AC?

Now I have told you before that grad school will teach you the fine art of procrastination. I'm telling you, there are times when cleaning the toilet is more appealing than my homework or textbook! During my break between Spring and Summer quarter my house was a mess. Now that I am back to school in addition to full time work my house looks so much cleaner! Go figure!

So between nesting and procrastinating I'm getting alot done!


  1. Glad you got AC! Ours just quit in our bedroom and too late to try to figure it out. What else do you want to do to be ready?

  2. Funny. How will you keep the house clean once you graduate? Dad

  3. Dad - I have no idea. I've wondered about that.

    Mom - Extra shelving in one of the bedroom closets... Organizing another closet... Getting rid of a bunch of junk... I'm sure I will think of more.


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