Saturday, July 31, 2010

The thoughts that keep running through my head when I can't sleep

I can't sleep and so I finally got up. We have been working on our adoption paperwork alot this weekend and so I think I have this stuff on the brain. I've been laying in bed and the thoughts that keep running through my head are:

We are going to need to get kid size toothbrushes. Oh, I need to make sure I don't forget that. I probably need to bring them with us when we go pick them up.

I should bring those little individually packaged wet wipes when we travel. How many do you think I might need? The ones I saw today came in boxes of 10...

Those mini etcha sketches that I was in the check out line today would be great if our kids are old enough for them.

What other little toys could I bring for them to have for the trip home? It is going to be one seriously long flight home.

What will our kids like to eat? What will they consider 'comfort food'?

No we do not know who are kids are yet and no we are not travelling to get them any time soon. I think I have just lost my mind. :) I love planning. I can't wait till we know who are kids are so I can start getting ready for them. Oh that part is going to be fun!

Okay, back to bed to try sleeping again. Hopefully this time is more successful.

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