Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is this a test?

You know you should never pray for patience, because you might just get it. And the lesson is just not much fun.

Today must have been a lesson, a test. Yesterday I told you that my glass was not half full, that it is full. Yah, well today was a test of that statement. Nothing bad happened. No catastrophy, just a pure and simple test. Sometimes the little things seem to be the most difficult tests.

I cut my toe... am I still so happy I can walk?
My tummy hurts... am I still so thankful for the food that made it rumble?
Work was work... do I still appreciate my job?
I had a doctor appointment... am I thankful for the medicine or am I bitter that I need it?

Nothing was horrible. Nothing really even worth mentioning. But somehow it still feels worth complaining about. Just one of those days when you want to go to bed and start over again tomorrow. My glass is still full... it will only be less if I choose to allow it to be... why does that seem so difficult? All I have to do is remember how much I have... remember that my blessings are more than I deserve. Only God could bless someone who so quickly forgets the source of those blessings or even what those blessings are at all.

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