Saturday, September 25, 2010

Everything is in the hands of someone else.

Well its out of our hands for the time being. All of our remaining documents are sent off to their respective secretary of state offices. The WA secretary of state website says that they usually take a week from when they get documents to send them back out again. Funny thing is that WA charges $15 per document while KS charges $7.50 per document for authentication and ND charged $10. So $15 x 16 documents meant enclosing a $240 check for WA. Why do we have to live in the most expensive state of the three? It's okay, we expected this. So at this point there is nothing for us to do.

We got our first draft of the homestudy on Thursday. It is a 12 page, single spaced, description of us. She had a couple blanks that she needed filled in. We were able to get it back to her this morning. So I expect that the final draft will be done soon.

Once the homestudy is done the immigration for goes off. I understand that takes about 2 months to get approved. The overall timeline of this is longer than I had once thought but I do know it will work out.

So, everything is the hands of someone else. You would think that would be a bad thing but it feels good to have our part done. This is a huge milestone in my mind.

Last night was my first class of fall quarter. I found our I have a first draft of my final case study due in 2.5 weeks. Yikes! And thus the blogging... the procrastination has returned!

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