Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I got a call from the WA Secretary of State. Two of our documents got rejected for authentication. It seems that the notary our doctors' office used is not "valid". Her stamp does not include the expiration date. So they are authenticating all of our other 14 documents. Dang it, those were the two most difficult documents to get! I already called our doctors' and told that that I need new documents with a different notary. But this is why I started our dossier paperwork so early.

I have read in may other peoples' blogs about them having to re-do paperwork. I'm telling you; if you are thinking about adopting, reading blogs really helps you know what to expect. :) I have been trolling around reading one adoptive mother's blog and then looking at her friends' blogs and then looking at their friends' blogs and so on and so on for about a year now. That is part of why I wanted to do a blog myself. I so appreciated people being willing to be open and share their stories.

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