Sunday, June 27, 2010

11 years ago today

11 years ago today I walked down the aisle. It was the smartest thing I ever did. It changed the rest of my life.

If you don't know my husband, let me tell you a little about him. He is patient, so patient. He supports me in everything I do. He does extra housework to give me time to go to school or do my homework. He has done all of our laundry for 11 years and I don't think I ever heard him complain once. (Except for when I do the laundry and ruin things! :)) He encourages me to spend time with my friends, to go out and have fun. Adoption wasn't his dream, it was mine, but he loves me enough to share my dream. He is slow to anger. He doesn't even get aggitated easily. And if you know me, you know I was very blessed to find someone who could balance me out in this area! I can trust him with my heart. He does all of our finances and is so careful to take care of me in this way. He always insures that our needs will be meet if there is anything he can do about it. He is responsible and does his job well. He is kind to all people, everywhere, at all times. He is a man that I am proud to call my husband.

I look forward to many more years with my love, my sweetheart, and my partner in life. I am so blessed.


  1. What a wonderful thing to write to bless Josh on your anniversary.

  2. What a wonderful tribute to your husband! I love it that he does the laundry; mine does all my ironing and pressing, a skill he picked up in the military.


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