Thursday, June 3, 2010


Today we got fingerprinted for our FBI criminal history clearences. Tomorrow I will take them down to FedEx and ship them off to the FBI so they can make sure that we are not secret wackos. One step down, many to go.

So I left a few things off of my earlier homestudy checklist. Here is the real deal:

x Child abuse and neglect registry clearance forms
x FBI criminal history clearances
_ Signed Agreement for Adoption Services
_ Parenting Resource Plan
x Release of Information Form
_ Applicant 1 Autobiography and Assignments
_ Applicant 2 Autobiography and Assignments
x Applicant 1 Medical
_ Applicant 2 Medical
_ Financial Statement
_ Certification of Net Worth
_ Family Health Insurance Form
_ 4 References
_ Guardianship Form
_ Social Worker and Family Education Verification
_ Applicant 1 Copy of Birth Certificate
_ Applicant 2 Copy of Birth Certificate
_ Copy of Marriage Certificate
_ Copy of tax forms (for the past two years)
_ Copies of Current Passports

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  1. Wow!! This adoption process isn't for the faint of heart.


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