Sunday, June 27, 2010

Half full or half empty?

Work was so busy today... I have a job.
My husband is working late tonight... He is a hard worker.
The electric bill was so high this month... We have heat (or AC this time of year).
My husband snored last night... He was by my side.
My car is old... I have a car.
I hate going to the dentist... I would hate not going to the dentist more.
The car needs new tires... I can afford them.
My parents are so far away... They are faithful to God to live where He has sent them.
I have to make dinner... I have food to eat.
I don't know what to wear... I have too many choices.
I am 30 and still doing homework... I have (or will have) an advanced education.
The sun is up way too early... The sun is shining.
I am tired... I have a warm bed to sleep in.
I need to vacuum... I have a home.
My feet hurt... I can walk.
My kitchen is a mess... Because I was too busy having fun to clean it.
I wish it was the weekend... I get to rest twice every seven days.
I don't have children yet... I have so much to look forward to.

My glass is not half full. It is full... and running over.


  1. Very good reflections. So very sorry we are so far away. We would love to be near you.


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