Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ghana - What I learned today

So as you know, we have switch to Hopscotch Adoptions. With this agency change is a change of countries. So I have been doing some research on the country of Ghana. Here is what I have learned today:
A person from Ghana is Ghanaian.
Independence (from the UK): March 6, 1957
Currency: Cedis; currently 1.4 Cedis to 1 US$
GDP: $1,500 per capita; 201st in the world (comparision: US is 11th; Ethiopia is 218th)
Population: 24.3 million (comparision: Texas has 24.8 million)
Size: Slightly smaller than the state of Oregon
Literacy (among those over age 15): 57.9%
Time difference: 7hrs ahead of Pacific Time. When we go to bed they are about to wake up. When we eat breakfast they are eating dinner.
Life expectancy: 60.5 years
Religion: Christian 68.8%; Muslim 15.9%; Traditional 8.5%; Other .7%; None 6.1%
Languages: Asante 14.8%; Ewe 12.7%; Fante 9.9%; Boron 4.6%; Dagomba 4.6%; Dangme 4.3%; Dagarte 3.7%; Akyem 3.4%; Ga 3.4%; Akuapem 2.9%; Other 36.1% (now I have a BA in Linguistics and I had never heard of any of these.... maybe I should have paid more attention in school...)
Source: CIA World Factbook

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